Airdrop Nedir?

What is Airdrop?

What is Airdrop?

Airdrop, which means "help from air“ is called the process of give away token/coin without any charge that projects are going to enter the crypto money market or are already in.

The logic of airdrop is to introduce the token/coins, which are to be produced or produced to the crypto money sector.

How To Win Airdrop?

Each airdrop has its own duties. It is usually about following social media accounts. In addition, when you join most airdrops, you will be given a reference code and your earnings will increase with the people you invite.

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* lists only projects which of their founder or CEO is known in order to keep the value of the efforts high. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that some campaigns will not pay in the cryptocurrency world. is not responsible for non-paid campaigns.