Altcointurk Trader Base Açıldı

Altcointurk Trader Base Opened

Altcointurk Trader Base, which aims to provide open office service for who interested in crypto money and blockchain ecosystem, has opened its doors.

Altcointurk Trader Base aims to organize training programs on blockblock 101 software languages and personal development. There are also session rooms in the base where you can watch live prices via the screens.

Altcointurk team say that, they create a brand new culture that they have put into practice and dedicated to the market are designed for the comfort of their friends say.

Base is open 11:00-22:00 at weekdays and 12:00-21:00 at weekends and its competetly free. Base is close in Thursdays.

Address: Osmanağa mah. Süleymanpaşa sok. No:27B Kadıköy/İstanbul