Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi Boston’da Blockchain Merkezi Açıyor

Bahçeşehir University Building Blockchain Center in Boston

Bahçeşehir University will open the Blockchain center in Boston, USA. It will open at Northeastern University (NEU) to provide information support on the central blockchain technology.

BAU-NEU Blockchain Laboratory as well as aim to referring to the funds in the USA, European Union and Turkey to increase its presence in Turkey's blockchain market and will attract experts in this field.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Bahçeşehir University, Enver Yücel, said that:One of the things I see in universities, especially in the US, is that they have laboratories in many different parts of the world. I said, why should we? We have collaborations with many different universities around the world. Why not do this in a different area. No university in the world can bring out everything perfectly. After discovering what this university in the world is doing in the best way, we tried to go there. When we heard about crypto coins, we realized that there was a good source in this field and we increased our work in this field. Our doctoral students and our teachers will be able to go to this center. We will transfer technology with this center."

BlockchainIST Center director Bora Erdamar said that the blockchain technology could directly change every area needed to protect people's information from logistics to trade, from education to health, from energy to agriculture in safe environments.

Blockchain technology is increasing the momentum among educational institutions lately. In addition to Bahçeşehir University, two universities from South Korea have announced that they will form a common Blockchain Campus. In addition, many institutions such as the University of Malaysia, New York's Kingüns College, MIT and the University of Nicosia are also trying to associate the education sector with blockchain technology.

Source: Blockchain Turkiye