Binance Ana Ağ Lansmanını 23 Nisan'da Yapacak

Binance Will Launch The Mainnet on 23 April

Binance announced the launch date of its main network as April 23rd. Binance will perform the main network swap in this date. As of today, all pre-selected validators will be online to produce. In addition, Binance Coin (BNB) will also be created in the genesis block.

Binance Chain BNB (BEP-2) will be managed as follows:

  • Initial supply of BNB will be 200,000,000 in the begging
  • 11.654.398 BNB, as in ERC20 BNB, will be burn in the Binance Chain
  • 48,000,000 BNB will be frozen as in the same ERC20 BNB
  • 5,000,000 BNB will be moved to Binance, which will enable the transformation of ERC20 BNBs. This 5,000,000 ERC20 BNB will burn later.

The stock market said that; Binance Chain Explorer and the web wallet will remain in the beta test, they will be opened to the public on April 23 and until the first batch BNB conversion no processing board will be listed in the Binance DEX .