Bitcoin 2020'de 100.000$ Görecek Mi?

Is Bitcoin Going To 100.000$ in 2020?

The short term prognosis for Bitcoin isn't looking great, as consensus indicates a potential correction inbound. However, according to one analyst, there’s a macro indicator that no one has noticed yet, and it suggests that Bitcoin is going to $100,000...

The analyst known as TradingShot published his theory just yesterday before the sell-off from Bitcoin; The analysis, entitled “BTC shifts bands to $100,000 and no one is noticing the pattern!” aims to breathe life into the worn-out bulls, and augurs a price point of $100k by 2020.

The analyst starts off by relaying that BTC is making its way to the 0.382 Fibonacci retracement test – retracement from the all-time high to the low of $3150 - adding that it was surprising how quickly Bitcoin manage to reach these levels compared to the 2 previous cycles.

The analyst points to the possibility of a band shift, stating that the rebound from the bear cycle low of $3150 to $9100 may be indicative of a such a shift; suggesting that rather than becoming longer, cycles take turns, flitting between short and long cycles and providing a short term catalyst: “The very aggressive bull cycle of 2012 - 2013 may be repeated. This suggests that the $100,000 land mark may come as early as 2020.”

TradingShot isn't the only one who augurs a high price point for 2020. As reported Dr. Jullian Hosp author of Cryptocurrencies Simply Explained, similarly projected a price point of $100k as early as 2020, based on Bitcoin upcoming halving and the fallout from increased scarcity.

Source: Chepicap