Blockchain İçin Önerilen 4 Programlama Dili

4 Ideal Programming Languages for Blockchain

Blockchain is rapidly becoming one of the most important technological developments in recent years. This “transparent, distributed notebook” concept enables anonymous, peer-to-peer transactions between users and provides the basis for the crypto currency revolution.

The global blockchain market is currently estimated at about $1.2 billion. Experts predict that this market will reach $57 billion by 2025.

In this case, both businesses and software developers want to take full advantage of this potential of blockchain technology. So what are the most ideal programming languages to develop and work on blockchain applications?


According to research published by GitHub, JavaScript remains the most popular programming language among developers. This language, which is used in 95% of the web sites, offers highly flexible solutions not only for web development but also for blockchain development.

One of the main reason JavaScript is a suitable programming language for blockchain developers is the way it handles asynchronous code. This is very important for the blockchain. Asynchronous and parallel programming in a network where thousands or even millions of transactions take place allows multiple programs to be completed simultaneously. Standard, concurrent programming cannot handle such a large volume.


C ++ continues to be one of the most popular programming languages in the technology industry and will make its mark in the blockchain industry. Object oriented programming language is very suitable for blockchain because it uses the same principles as encapsulation, abstraction, poliformism and blockchain for data hiding.

C++ is also a suitable programming language for the blockchain due to its memory control. With this feature, the language allows each network node to accept or reject individual blocks, helping to keep the blocks secure and to manage multiple resource requests.


Solidity is the smart contract and blockchain development language widely used by Ethereum developers. Domain-specific language uses most of the same principles and syntax as JavaScript to create high-quality, decentralized applications.

Developers prefer Solidity because it allows them to write high-level code for the Ethereum blockchain network, the second most popular crypto currency that can be compiled even on the lowest machine. It also allows individuals to use the Ethereum digital transaction book to create smart contracts between businesses.

Simplicity is a brand new programming language that was released in November 2017 and designed specifically for smart contracts and blockchain development.


Simlicity, 2017 yılının Kasım ayında yayımlanan ve özellikle akıllı sözleşmeler ve blokzinciri geliştirme için tasarlanmış yepyeni bir programlama dilidir.

Language hides low-level logical components from engineers to increase productivity and not distract developers. This is one of the reasons why language is so popular in society.

Simplicity is an object-oriented language that uses the same principles as blockchains to prevent errors and data changes like C++.

Blockstream, the creator of the language, continues to expand its language and capabilities. Developers expect to see that Simplicity is being used in more applications by the middle of 2020 after the language has been incorporated into Bitcoin and features are complete.

Source: Blockchain Turkiye

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