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BMW Will Use Blockchain in Supply Chain

BMW has announced that it uses blockchain to ensure traceability of components in the international supply chain. The German automaker says the PartChain project, which was first piloted last year, will increase transparency for all partners.

The highly complex automotive supply chains include a number of different suppliers that need to contact the automaker. Taking advantage of BMW PartChain, it aims to track its journey from the source of a component to the factory.

By bringing its suppliers to a shared blockchain platform, the company will have clearly seen the supply chain for better compliance and control.

Andreas Wndt, member of the Board of Directors of BMW AG, responsible for the Procurement and Supplier Network, said: “PartChain ensures the collection and processing of tamper-proof and continuously verifiable data in our supply chain. This move is designed to take the digitalization of purchasing from the BMW Group to the next level. Our vision is to create an open platform to ensure that data in supply chains are securely shared and anonymized across the industry. ” uses expressions.

The automaker said it had piloted last year in cooperation with the German company Automotive Lighting to purchase headlights. Wendt added that they want to expand the project to many other suppliers this year. The aim is to offer PartChain for the other ten suppliers and increase the number of facilities of the BMW Group with 31 production sites.

Although it started with parts, in the long term, BMW wants to handle the supply chain from start to finish to track critical raw materials from mine to melter. Another German automaker Volkswagen is working with IBM, Volvo, Ford and several other companies to monitor the origins of Cobalt, the main element used in electric vehicle batteries.

On the tech front, PartChain will use cloud services from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure in addition to the blockchain, Hyperledger Fabric.

Source: Blockchain Turkiye

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