BorsaDEX - Merkeziyetsiz Kripto Para Borsası

BorsaDEX - Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

BorsaDEX; as a new Turkish brand that will focus on the local market, it is preparing to enter the cryptocurrency exchange market.

Company aiming to be the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange of Turkey; it promises to users freedom and change their trading habits.

You will enjoy buy/ssell instantly with your own wallet without sending your crypto assets to the BorsaDEX, and you will be able to borrow/lend coins between you and other users (P2P).

BorsaDEX will use the TomoX protocol as the infrastructure, has targeted 2020 June-July to start the service.


Your Own Wallet

No asset deposit/withdraw; make your all transactions directly with your own wallet.

You're In Control

There are no events like freezing your assets or stealing your cryptocurrencies as a result of hacking our exchange.

We Don't Care Your ID

No registration or KYC. Start trading now.

P2P Lending

Borrow/lend between other users.

Low Commission

0.1% commission from trade transactions.

Use from Mobile

You can access BorsaDEX with Tomo Wallet.

High Liquidity

TomoX provides one giant tradable order book shared across every DEX on TomoX.


10000 trades can be done per second.

Access from Anywhere

Works as dApp in decentralized network.

User Friendly

Unlike most decentralized exchanges, holding the native coin is not required for trading. Fees are not taken from native coin (TOMO); simply taken from the token itself, providing a user-friendly experience that only centralized exchanges currently provide.

Full Decentralization

Order Book and Matching Engine are stored and executed across all masternodes to provide security and integrity of user funds and trade orders. This makes any traditional centralized or permissioned decentralized exchange attack on BorsaDEX obsolete.

No Fund Deposit

Tokens always stay within user wallets and never need to be deposited to the exchange for trading.