En İyi Blockchain Eğitimi Veren Üniversiteler

Best Blockchain Education Universities

Coinbase's higher education report outlined the best blockchain universities. Cornell University and MIT take the lead..

According to Coinbase's report, the crypto currency exchange is the most prominent educational institution in the field of blockchain and crypto at Cornell University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and New York University.

Rapora göre dünyanın en iyi 50 üniversitesinin yüzde 56’sı en az bir kripto para birimi ya da blockchain dersi veriyor. Geçtiğimiz yıl bu oran yüzde 42 seviyesindeydi. Geçen yıl bu dersi aldığını bildiren öğrenci sayısı ise ikiye katlandı.

Coinbase content director Nina Willdorf said: "Increasing interest in crypto studies in universities is a development that will affect the future of money. What is most exciting about these findings is that, besides computer science and programming, interest in law, economics, finance and social sciences."

Coinbase's report also points to the growing interest among students in learning how to use blockchain and crypto currencies for social projects. Between 2018 and 2019, this ratio has increased from 13% to 20%.

The detailed report of Coinbase can be found here.

Source: Blockchain Turkiyed