Ethereum Hard Fork Ertelendi

Ethereum Hard Fork Postponed

A smart contract control firm called ChainSecurity has identified a significant security vulnerability. The post discusses a security issue on the Ethereum network, which is said to enable the network to be attacked.

According to the company's report, Constantinople will allow lower transaction fees for certain transactions on the Ethereum network. The report, however, has an unexpected side effect. According to ChainSecurity, this side effect allows a kind of attack to be performed through specific commands in ETH smart contracts.

Commenting on the issue, Schoedon announced that key developers on the network will make a decision on Friday (January 18th) to determine the next steps. Moreover, the Constantinople hard fork was also postponed until the next week at best.

According to Cointelegraph, the type of attack the company raises may cause malicious people to steal crypto money from smart contracts in the network. Ethereum's hard fork coordinator Afri Schoedon announced that he was aware of the weakness and confirmed the situation.

Ethereum developers explained that the approaching Constantinople hard fork would be the most normal fork ever. If the problem was not detected, the opposite of the situation claimed by the developers could be experienced. As a result, we can say that the weakness and deferral of the fork have eliminated a potential catastrophe.