Ethereum Protestosu Yaklaştı

Ethereum Protest Approaches

Water does'not stop on the Ethereum. The mining team engaged in Ether mining is preparing to protest Ethereum against the new system.

Ethereum is one of the first names that come to mind when it comes to the crypto money market. As you know, when it comes to ETH, it is not possible not to mention the mining environment. For a long time, mining wheels have been revolving around ETH.

Since special ASIC-based machines are required to mine BTC, those who are engaged in GPU-based mining prefer to dig ETH.

We can say that thousands of people are currently engaged in this business around the world. In some countries, electricity consumed in mining rigs is shown as the source of energy cuts. Of course, the main thing that concerns us here is the boycott on April 1.

The critical date for Ethereum is April 1!

With the update to Ethereum, the mining event will be completed gradually. In other words, we can say that Ethereum will shift to a different platform within 2 years at the latest, if not this year. This is the point where things get lost anyway.

Miners do not support this upcoming update to Ethereum. Therefore, they plan to carry out a 51 percent attack on April 1. With this attack, they aim to collect 51 percent hash power on Ethermine. What will happen after the attack, whether there will be loss of value or not is a different question mark. 

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