FedEx Blockchain Kullanmak İstiyor

FedEx Wants To Use Blockchain

FedEx CIO Rob Carter thinks that the mandatory implementation of blockchain technology in international transmissions will lead the adoption of this technology in the industry and make the goods more secure.

Speaking at the Blockchain Global Revolution conference, Carter says that carrying a package internationally requires a large number of documents. Carter, who argues that paper-based transport remains in the past, says that with blockchain technology, international transport requiring a large number of paper jobs needs to be made easier by digitizing.

In this context, FedEx, which is part of the Blockchain Transport Association with UPS and DHL Express, wants to use Blockchain as a standard for all international shipments.

With the confidence and transparency offered by Blockchain technology, cargo companies who believe that they can make tracking of fake shipments, forbidden goods and dangerous products much easier, want to utilize the potential of this technology by using international shipments which require many documents.

FedEx believes that customers need to adopt blockchain technology to more easily meet the ever-increasing and complicated cross-border transport demands, and the fastest way is through state support. Blockchain technology, which is used in many different sectors, can offer many convenience for the transportation industry.

Source: Blockchain Turkiye