Fiyat Analizi İçin 4 İndikatör

4 Indicator For Price Analysis

In the world of crypto money investment, there are several key strategies that users follow. These strategies usually look for specific models and determine whether they are aligned with the current and past price fluctuations of certain crypts. Indicators, which are the basis of technical analysis in every sector that every crypto money investor who wants to be successful, should know.

# 4 - Relative Strength Index (RSI)

Most people who have looked at the crypto money table know what the RSI is. The term Relative Strength Index was found by J. Welles Wilder in 1978. It is used to measure the change (magnitude) of directional price movements as well as speed.

Yatırımcıların dayanağı olan RSI parametrelerini özelleştirmenin bir çok yolu vardır. Örneğin, periyot değişimi genelde kripto para yatırımcılarının üzerinde deney yaptığı ilk şeylerden birisidir.

In addition, RSI is often used to determine whether a market has suffered over-procurement (over 70) or over-sale (below 30). The RSI is still a good indicator of whether investors should first step into a market, even if the markets do not show exactly how it will evolve. Although it is only one of many tools in the use of investors, it is one of the most important among them.

#3 - Fibonacci Correction

Fibonacci Correction is usually used to determine resistance and support levels in the financial world. Although the Fibonacci ratios are not known to be the first to be applied to stock analysis, the concept itself was found in the 1930s.

This concept, which is used to determine the potential target of investors to give strategic buy-sell orders, derives from the Fibonacci numbers. The three key levels considered as the main resistance levels for financial markets are 38.2%, 50% and 61.8%.

#2 – MACD

The MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence and Divergence Indicator, so the Convergence or Divergence of Moving Average. It was invented by Gerald Appel in 1970 and is a great model to extract histograms of certain markets, thus obtaining a lot of information about the short-term development of markets. In addition, another indicator to determine the excessive buying or selling of markets. Strong signals are indicative of drooping or bearer divergences.

#1 – Bollinger Bands

One of the favorites of crypto money investors is the Bollinger Bands model. It was invented in 1983 by John Bollinger. It is used to determine the range and rate of price volatility we see in the crypto world. As these markets are extremely volatile, as everyone knows, with Bolinger Bands, investors can breathe a little easier. It also shows how much the financial markets are fluctuating, which is not the case for crypto coins.

There are many uses of Bollinger Bands, including volatility and sudden price changes, from increasing or decreasing price trends. According to the investor's expertise, there are simple or strong signals. These include the famous Double Peak or Double Dip formations. It is a very important indicator for novice investors, and more experienced investors continue to use it frequently.