Food Trust Platformu Genişliyor

Food Trust Platform is Expanding

New members are joining the IBM Food Trust platform based on the blockchain, which IBM has set up to make its food supply chain safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

The Albertsons Companies has joinied the platform soon. The platform will provide more food security in 2300 stores across the US.

The Food Trust already provides traceability to the food supply chain by using blockchain technology to 80 different brands. These brands include Dile, Kroger, McCormick and Company, Nestle, Tyson Foods and giants such as Unilever, Walmart.

With this traceability, the procurement process from producers to consumers can be followed in detail. IBM's Hyperledger Fabric based open source technology allows companies to set up their own rules for the system.

The Food Trust offers not only food safety, but also food freshness, sustainability and waste. According to the company's own statement of Food Trust: uses blockchain technology to create unprecedented levels of visibility and accountability in the food supply chain. This network which connects manufacturers, processors, distributors, and retailers through a permanent, shared and shared food system data record is the only one of its kind.

IBM already announced that more than 5 million food products on the shelves are included in the system, making sure that this platform will grow strongly. In the coming days it seems that we will continue to receive the news of the stores that started using the IBM Food Trust platform.

Source: Blockchain Turkiye