Gmail ile XRP Gönderme/Alma Hizmeti

Send XRP via Gmail

It is possible to send XRP with Money Message, which is a Google Chrome plugin.

MoneyMessage is a browser extension that allows you to keep an XRP currency and send to any g-mail recipient. You can download this plug-in from the Chrome Web Store.

Moreover, buyers don't need any an account or information about cryptocurrencies. The amount sent is stored in XRPTipBot, which allows easy withdraw when requested by the recipient.

MoneyMessage's introduction of XRPTipBot has caused some excitement among the XRP community, as it has increased the belief that it will help the XRP to adopt.

The XRPTipBot service was already available to users of other social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit and Concord. The payment service has not yet reached a great popularity in the crypto area, but this may change as it is now part of the Gmail platform.

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