Kripto Kurgu Aracı

Crypto Speculation Tool

There is a platform that allows you to create fiction for the future of crypto coins. You can choose a crypto money on this platform and see its status according to the variations that it may create in the future.

You can learn the value of a crypto money if its market volume is up to Bitcoin; or what its value would be if it in the first place or in the first 5-10-20-50-100 place.

Let's give two examples to be more explanatory.

What if TOMO has the same marketcap as EOS, how much would 1 TOMO be worth?

As you can see, if the TOMO reaches the volume up to EOS, the value of 1 TOMO is $74.27. If you want to learn this for your crypto money: click here.

Now let's go to the ranking example.

What if TOMO is in the top 50 how much would 1 TOMO coin be worth and how much market cap it would have?

We can see that TOMO would have at least $2.31 value if it is in the first 50. To calculate the value by ranking: click here.

Good speculations 🙂