Maliye Bakanlığı, Kripto Para Borsalarından Kullanıcı Bilgilerini İstedi

Ministry of Finance Asks for User Information from Crypto Exchanges

The arrangements for the taxation of crypto currency in Turkey continues. Treasury and the Ministry of Industry according to our source, sending a notification to the crypto-currency exchanges operating in Turkey has demanded the user information. The requested information includes TR identity number, title, registration time and, most importantly, critical information up to the value in TL of the amount in the wallet.

SPECIAL NEWS: According to the sectoral sources we have reached, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance has pressed the button for the Digital Money Law, which is expected to include the crypto money tax. The ministry requested user data with the notification sent to the crypto-currency exchanges operating in Turkey.

Among the requested information are the TR identity number, tax identification number, SWIFT code, user title, date of registration and virtual wallet number of citizens who have accounts in crypto money exchanges. sanal cüzdan numarası da bulunuyor.

The data requested by the Ministry from exchanges are as follows:

  • User ID (Virtual Money Wallet Number): The unique user account number defined in the system
  • User Type: Individual / Corporate / SVHS's own user account
  • Kullanıcı kimlik türü:
    • TCKN
    • VKN
    • Yabancı Kimlik No
    • Pasaport No
  • User identification number: It is the identification number of the user performing the transaction according to the user type document.
  • User Title: Name and surname information for real persons and title information for legal persons.
  • User registration time: Indicates when SVHS user was added to the system.
  • Stock date: Specifies the stock day in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Inventory asset quantity: Indicates the quantity of the asset unit.
  • Stock asset rate: Currency value of the asset unit in TL

Anonymous crypto money transaction will not be possible:

The requested information is shown that the personal information of all users, especially Bitcoin, stored by exchanges will now be available in government institutions. Local or global approach to these issues not yet clarified to the exchanges, especially exchanges Binani by such headquartered abroad and also carrying out their operations in Turkey, can not agree to share user information.

Bu açıdan baktığımızda yurt dışı merkezli borsalar için sürecin işleyişi Sosyal Medya Yasası‘na benzeyebilir. Ancak kesin olan bir şey var ki yasal düzenleme, Türkiye’deki kripto para piyasasındaki anonim akışı sona erdirecek.

The most concrete step has been taken for the Digital Money Law:

This step has been at the Ministry of crypto currency in Turkey can be regarded as the most concrete step on the taxation. The ministry and other officials are expected to make a statement about the work soon.

Cryptocurrency tax can be applied retroactively:

Among the information requested by the Ministry from exchanges are the first dates that users became a member of the exchange and made transactions. At the same time, the fact that ID information is included in the list shows that taxation can be applied retrospectively. In other words, all trading transactions that the user has carried out to date can be subject to tax at the rate to be finalized by law. 

What do we know about the cryptocurrency tax?

  • Crypto coins can be defined as securities under the law.
  • Income from "trade" ie buy and sell transactions, not long term transactions such as buy and hold, can be taxed.
  • It is run by the Ministry of Finance, BBDK and SPK institutions.
  • The Digital Money Law, which is expected to include the tax regulation, is expected to enter into force before the end of 2021.

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