MEW Fiat Değişimi Sağlayacak

MEW Will Provide Fiat Replacement

MyEtherWallet offers a new feature that many users will be satisfied with. It brings users the ability to replace crypto coins with fiat currencies without KYC validation.

A user-friendly platform for exchanging MyEtherWallet, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, and even supported crypto currencies and tokens. In addition, MyEtherWallet continues to develop innovative processes that Ethereum users can take advantage of.

It will offer its users the ability to exchange their crypto money with fiat currencies without the need to verify KYC (Know Your Costumer). In the statement, the direct removal of the KYC verification procedure, as well as some restrictions will be introduced. For example, you will not be able to convert more than 5,000 CHF at this time. The MEW team will work with Bity to provide this functionality.

Bity which is based in Switzerland, is an intermediary company that provides crypto services to its customers and makes very successful moves on Crypto ATMs. Bity's integration with MEW means the establishment of the crypto-fiat gateway. Thus, users do not need to access any of their ATMs to access their crypto coins.

MyEtherWallet facilitates the trading of Bitcoin and Ethereum via Euro or Swiss franc. Thus, the crypto industry is considered to be a remarkable development as a whole. Such solutions are believed to attract more investors in the future.