NEO Amerika'ya Açılıyor

NEO Expands to America

The Chinese Blockchain platform NEO has announced that it will open a new branch in Seattle, USA. The new office will be managed by former Microsoft manager John deVadoss.

The NEO Global Development (NGD) Seattle office will be opened later this month and recruitments will start on the same dates. The main reason behind the company's opening of new offices in the United States, although it is China-based, is expanding all over the world. According to the press release, NGD has established various partnerships with Microsoft and other companies and is still developing them.

According to NEO founder Erik Zhang, Seattle's reputation for technology-related talents is one of the main reasons behind the new office. In a statement on the founder, he said that Seattle has enormous growth resources and a strong atmosphere for innovation. He also pointed out that NEO has always attached great importance to technology development and that the Seattle branch is in a convenient location to accommodate it.

Former Microsoft manager daVadoos, as well as the world-famous giant company, previously the messaging service was the co-founding of text11. The administrator is interested in developing .NET specifically in Microsoft.

Launched as China's Ethereum, NEO basically relies on smart contracts such as the Ethereum and automates the management of crypto currencies through the use of smart contracts and digitizes non-digital assets.

The NEO platform, which was founded in 2014, moved to its home network in 2016 and is currently working on a new update called NEO 3.0. According to the authorities, the new platform will have faster processing speeds, a more stable platform and a more comprehensive interface for smart contracts.