TOMO BinanceDEX'de Listeleniyor

TOMO Will Be Listed On BinanceDEX

TOMO is in the process of being listed in BinanceDEX. TOMO is releasing TOMOB Binance Token for listing on BinanceDEX.

To get TOMOB, you need to swap your TOMO coin to the Binance network with TomoBridge. Swap process is very simple. We will describe the process with using TrustWallet:


  1. Open your TrustWallet. Add the TOMOB token to your wallet by pressing the + key in the upper right corner of the main wallet.
  2. Go to the bridge website which is set up by the Tomo team:
  3. Click SWAP NOW button.
  4. Enter your TOMOB wallet address (which you added from TrustWallet) in the BNB address field and press NEXT.
  5. The address to which you will send the TOMOs you will swap will appear on the screen. Send your TOMOs to this address (1 TOMO fee will be charged, must be sent minimum 5 TOMOs) when you sent them press NEXT.
  6. After the transaction confirmation is completed, your TOMOB tokens will arrive at your BNB address.

Tomo team aims to swap 2 million TOMOs into TOMOB by 3 July 2019. After 3 July 2019, TOMO coins can be converted to TOMOB tokens, but achieving this goal will show that demand is high; so dex listing will be quick and precise.

In October you will also be able to convert TOMO coins to TOMOB tokens over the bridge. If you want to swap your TOMOB token to TOMO coin before October, you can trade your TOMOB token with BNB and sell it and buy TOMO from crypto exchanges which are listing TOMO.

By the end of the year, the TOMO coin will probably be listed at Binance CEX. With the new products that TOMO will release and these listings, TOMO is likely to start the rally. It seems like, 1$ below price will be dream for TOMO...

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