TomoStake Havuzu ile TOMO Kazanın

Earn TOMO with TomoStake Pool

Tomochain is based on 150 Masternode systems with the Proof of Stake Voting (PoSV) consensus. You can stake in the masternodes that make the verifications by voting, thus increasing your TOMO coins. To do this, you only need to have TOMO coins and lock your TOMOs into a masternode with a smart contract; that's all.

Tomochain has pool masternodes next to standard masternodes. The owners of these pools have chosen not to generate as much revenue as the standard masternodes, thus providing more returns to the stakes.

Another advantage of the pool that they can fix the maximum capacity. For example, an unlimited number of stakes can be made to a standard masternode. In this case, the number of participants in the mastery increases and the income you earn decreases. However, the maximum capacity can be set in the pool system and no more stakes can be made when the maximum capacity is reached. So your income will remain constant or just increase.

For example, a masternode with a capacity of 250,000 stands gives 5.95% ROI, while a stake pool with a capacity of 250,000 produces more than 8%. One of them is the TomoStake pool.

The TomoStake pool is one of the pools created for Tomo holders to generate high passive income. With a maximum capacity of 250,000 TOMO, TomoStake pool gives you +8% return even it reaches maximum capacity.

TomoStake also organizes airdrops for its community every month. Those who stake 5.000 TOMO or more are given tickets for 50 TOMO draws to be held each month. Every 5,000 TOMO = 1 ticket. So the more you stake, the more tickets you have and the higher your chances of winning.

If you are a Tomo holder, you can stake your TOMO coins in the TomoStake pool and get more returns and take advantage of other opportunities.

Staking with TomoWallet App

[Video Explanation]

1) You need TomoWallet app in your device: iOS | Android.
2) Open the app and scroll down to Application section.
3) Click D-App Browser.
4) Click TomoStake from staking service list.
5) Hit the Stake button.
6) Enter the amount of Tomo you want to stake (minimum 10) and hit the stake button.
7) Slide the confirm button.
8) Done!

Staking with Desktop Browser

1) Go:
2) Connect your wallet via Metamask, change the network as Tomochain and refresh the browser.
3) Hit the Stake button.
4) Enter the amount of Tomo you want to stake (minimum 10) and hit the stake button.
5) Slide the confirm button.
6) Done!


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