Ubisoft'tan Blokziniciri Tabanlı Oyun

Blockchain Based Game from Ubisoft

France-based game company Ubisoft, which has been working on blockchain for a long time, has announced Rabbids Token, the blockchain-based collection game.

The game, which is part of Ubisoft's Raving Rabbids series, contains Rabbids tokens, each with unique features, design and value. These tokens can be traded just like cards, but Ubisoft prevents players from permanently owning them here.

Rabbids tokens can be temporarily stored in the user's blockchain wallet, based on the Ethereum blockchain. Another user who wants to have Token can be the new owner of Rabbids by paying with ether. Token turns into a new visual form each time it passes to the new owner. In addition, Rabbids owners will be able to interact with them, just like CyrptoKitties.

Ubisoft announced that the income from these token transactions will be transferred directly to UNICEF's cryptocurrency fund. Although users are not permanent owners of the coin they receive, they are given a POPO (ownership document) that can be stored in their blockchain wallet for each. These POPOs can be used as proof of the donation made to UNICEF, as well as proving that the user already owned that token. POPOs will not be traded and traded.

With Rabbid tokens developed at the Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab, the company will be able to measure blockchain and the potential of the token economy before including it in its core business. Ubisoft, which has been known for its interest in blockchain technology for a long time, may bring a new breath to the game world in the future.

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