Uniswap V3 Yayınlandı

Uniswap V3 Released

Uniswap V3, the third version of the decentralized exchange Uniswap with advanced features, was launched. The platform, which received intense interest as soon as it was launched, could not be reached in the first minutes.

It was emphasized that DEX will have three new features with this version.

The first is "concentrated liquidity". “In doing so, automated market makers have required all [liquidity providers] to share the same strategies and invest capital along the entire price curve from 0 to infinity,” Uniswap published in a press release in March. are now. " The consequence of Concentrated liquidity is that investors do not have to put too much capital on the line to achieve results.

As a second feature, Uniswap plans to add more fee tiers. In this way, traders can determine their risk levels when trading with variable assets that tend to change prices between when a transaction is initiated and executed.

Finally, it introduces "easier and cheaper" oracles that keep the price up to date and therefore reduce the risk of getting burned by bad data.

This won't make much sense, especially for beginners. However, as Uniswap stated, there are very important features for experienced DeFi traders.

Source: decrypt

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