Voatz 7 Milyon Dolar Yatırım Aldı

Voatz Received $7 Million Investment

Voatz a mobile voting platform powered by blockchain technology, returned with an investment worth $7 million in the investment tour led by Medici Ventures.

Voatz needs to use this investment to open and remove the platform. In addition, the initiative is expected to launch pilot programs in different states and cities for new developments in security-oriented routers.

The Voatz app uses blockchain technology to enable them to vote safely on smartphones for different types of elections. Finally, Voatz piloted Colarado as an alternative for military personnel and overseas US citizens who were unable to vote in the municipal elections in Denver. Company recently announced that this resulted in the implementation.

Voatz announced for the first time that they made an election using blockchain in the a pilot in 23 districts in West Virginia US federal elections.

The Voatz app offers secure and controllable voting experience, as well as blocking technology, as well as security techniques such as biometrics and encryption. Prior to important elections, such as firm municipal elections, political parties, universities, trade unions and non-profit organizations were also supported by the mobile voting platform.

Source: Blockchain Turkiye