ZoidPay E-Ticareti Değiştirecek

ZoidPay Will Change E-Commerce

ZoidPay brings crypto shopping to Amazon, eBay and 40M+ online retailers.

ZoidPay platform established by creating ZPAY token on TomoChain, enables users to use their cryptocurrencies to shop at some of the world’s leading retailers, pay everyday bills, subscriptions and even groceries.

Bucharest, Romania, June 17, 2021 — ZoidPay, a company focused on cryptocurrency mass adoption, is launching a platform where consumers can shop using their digital assets from any big retailer across the world, including Amazon, eBay and Alibaba.

ZoidPay has begun building an entire ecosystem around the global shopping experience, complete with staking and decentralized finance mechanisms. Since its incorporation in 2018, ZoidPay has been developing a series of innovative solutions with the purpose of making cryptocurrency easily accessible for daily use.

A recent global survey by Mastercard showed that 67% of millennials were more open to using cryptocurrency today than they were a year ago. Despite growing interest, use cases for consumers to spend cryptocurrency are still limited.

ZoidPay aims to answer this increasing demand by leveraging its e-commerce solution to bring crypto retail spending into the mainstream and increase adoption in the process. ZoidPay blends shopping with staking and other DeFi integrations, creating a unique, personalized user experience. Users can enjoy enhanced benefits, such as crypto cashback, lending, global marketplace access and more, adding a whole new dimension to their shopping experience.

The next development from ZoidPay will be the launch of a Google Chrome extension and marketplace. This will enable millions of people to buy anything from anywhere in the world with their cryptocurrencies, just by connecting their existing wallets.

ZoidPay is a potential game-changer for the everyday crypto enthusiast who is looking for a safe, simple solution to use their digital assets for everyday expenses.

ZoidPay users will be able to buy a new laptop from Amazon with Bitcoin (BTC), pay their Netflix subscription with Binance Coin (BNB), or buy weekly groceries with Ether (ETH) or TomoChain (TOMO). Brick and mortar shops can easily accept crypto payments by simply downloading the ZoidPay wallet that turns any smartphone into a proof-of-stake while availing the ecosystem benefits.

The biggest advantage that ZoidPay has over other existing alternatives is its interoperability between wallets and exchanges. The ZoidPay platform allows users to connect to the Chrome extension with any wallet, enabling easy integration with the extension and the marketplace to offer instant liquidity.

Eduard Oneci, CEO and co-founder of ZoidPay, stated:

“At ZoidPay, the focus from the start has been on building a platform that’s easy and safe to use, both for the consumer and the retailer. Using our native ZPAY token, consumers can avail of massive discounts from retailers, zero transaction fees, and benefit from staking rewards. We are excited about enabling the biggest transition from fiat to crypto in the next decade — our journey is just getting started.”

With more people already using crypto than ever before and more planning to use it in the next year, ZoidPay offers the market a viable solution. The ZoidPay platform offers ease of use, security, low-cost transactions and other features revolving around a customer-centric model.

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